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Applying Epoxy Floor To Your Garage

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If there is a floor with a high chance of being damaged, then the epoxy coating is the best solution that you can decide for. The reason for this is the strength of epoxy coating. There is no other type of floor that is as durable as this one and that has the power to withstand so many influences.

There is no type of flooring that has such high resistance damage as epoxy other than plain old stained concrete but who wants to go through everything you have to just to learn how to stain concrete floors? Besides being able to resist dust and dirt, they also resist to tear and wear. You can clean them with ease. We all know that the garage is the best place to use for epoxy coating. Since there are many activities in the garage that are dangerous for the floor, this has to be done and made. Doing this is the best epoxy flooring option after all.

Applying epoxy flooring in the garage is quite easy. You can achieve this if you follow few simple rules. The total process can be divided in to four main parts. The first part or the first step that one has to take is to etch the concrete. You will do this in order to prepare the garage floor for the epoxy. Before applying the epoxy, make sure you cleaned the floor first.

You will get better adhesion of the epoxy coating if you keep etching and cleaning your garage floor. Another step is very important, and that is to check is there any moisture present on the floor. You have to make sure to seal the concrete so that your floor doesn’t have any moisture or you will lower the quality of your epoxy coating.

To bond the epoxy paint and the floor, you should make sure sealing is done correctly. The floor can now receive epoxy coating. And how to apply epoxy floor paint? This can be done by using a brush, roller or even a spray. In case you have a damp garage floor, you can’t expect that the epoxy paint will bond the way it should.

The final step that has to be made is the top coat. Applying the topcoat to the epoxy floor is very necessary. Do not forget that you should not forget about the top coat if you are aiming to have top results for your floor.

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